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Our projects are modern and inspired by
the challenge of balancing function & beauty.

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We create impactful projects with aesthetic integrity and an enduring design character. Through a continuous exploration of holistic function and essential components, we implement a transparent, thoughtful, and rigorous design process that promotes excellence and sustainability.

We are vigorously engaged in the reinvention and revitalization of the urban condition, and we are committed to the mindset that each component of that condition must contribute to the larger context and an ability to affect positive change.

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Since its founding in 2012, TALY COHEN Architecture ltd. is a full service, fully accredited architectural firm focused on delivering innovative and unique design solutions to our solve our client’s design needs. After many years of delivering architectural and interior design services for large corporate architectural firms, we set out on this adventure to establish our own practice and do more interesting work.

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You deserve a home that is functional and stylish, today. Don’t put it off until the kids are older or you have more time. We can create a beautiful space that fits your needs so you don’t have to be embarrassed to host book club next month.

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Job satisfaction is high, because our team members are motivated to produce their best work. This is the foundation stone of our company from which we create life-affirming designs that benefit us all. A design is a success when it satisfies the client, the design team and its community. We listen to all these people during the creative process because a lone architect cannot design in a vacuum.